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Meet the Team

Good Success Company, Inc. boasts of qualified key personnel that lead the enterprise of over 113 full time and part time associates and many more contracted consultants and engages in corporate partnerships. Good Success Company is led by the Founder and President Kenneth R. Davis. GSC is now poised for expansion building on 24 years of experience.



Kenneth Davis is the President and CEO of Good Success Companies. Since 2000 Ken began performing evening and weekend projects while working in a full time corporate position. Formally organizing in 2002, Good Success Company became an LLC with a few part time employees. 

Ken possesses a BS in Mechanical Engineering Degree from Southern University A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana,  and is a licensed Professional Engineer.  He attributes his personal success to GOD and his family including wife Debra, son Kenneth R. Davis, II who is also a Southern University A&M College Engineering Alumnus and is now a Fortune 500 Corporate Project Manager. His daughter Lauren R. Davis is a LSU graduate and holds a MBA degree. “They are extremely important to me and give my life purpose and inspiration to lead Good Success Company toward achieving our goals.

               FOUNDER - KENNETH R. DAVIS 





Good Success Company, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mrs. Debra S. Davis is joining the Management Team as Corporate Vice President - Human Resources. Debra has been in multiple areas of responsibility during her career including Purchasing a National Chemsearch in Dallas, Texas, and Purchasing Manager at Abbot Laboratories in Dallas, Texas. After working as a Consultant for two years, she began her career at Georgia Power Company as an Administrative Assistant to a Vice President. Over the past 25 years she has continued to support the Executives at Georgia Power Company most recently supporting nearly half of the company personnel Senior Vice President as an Executive Assistant.


Mrs. Davis will lead the Administration operations including Payroll, Accounts Receivable, and all facets of Human Resources. These duties include new hires, disengagements, promotions, and assignment transfer recommendations to the President. Her duties also encompass participating in New Bid Opportunities and Contract Management of existing GSC business. Maintaining all company Certifications, Bonding, Insurance and Licensing responsibilities also reports to the VP of Human Resources office. 


Debra is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University and is mother of two adult children Kenneth R. Davis,II and Lauren Renay Davis, and grandmother of Kyrielle Michelle Davis. Good Success Company is pleased to welcome Mrs. Debra S. Davis to help lead GSC into multi state expansion across the Southeast United States.




Kevin Packard joined Good Success Company in 2019 after working in facilities for over ten years in the metro Atlanta area. Recommended by the previous owner that retired, Mr. Packard continued to be the model of consistency in every assignment. It was an easy decision to place Kevin in a position of more leadership. Mr. Packard now has GSC territory from the Georgia South Carolina border traveling northeast to the Tennessee – Georgia border traveling northwest. We are very proud of Kevin Packard, and our customers continually speak highly of him.






Edwin Reaves is the Good Success Company Albany District 2 Manager. Edwin commands the respect of all the floor technicians throughout the company. He has become the GO-TO expert not only for the South Georgia Region, but the entire GSC Operations. Edwin continually brings back to life customer sites that have been neglected. Mr. Reaves continues to enhance the GSC South Region Staff by training new associates in the ever-increasing needed skills to be a valued facilities associate. Edwin also assists in acquiring new business for the company.








Paul Gourdine is the Good Success Company SEGA/Alabama District Manager. Paul has manag
facilities operations in multiple southern states and will provide leadership in the GSC footprint expansion.

Mr. Gourdine has added skills in other areas such as enhancing the use of technology to increase the GSC Management Team efficiency. We have great expectations for Paul and of course GSC in the near term.







Tonnay Tucker is the eighth of eleven children from Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated second in her class at Carver High School and went on to attend Southern University A&M College. More recently, Tonnay has the pleasure of joining the Good Success Company, Inc. as the Headquarters Office Manager. Her duties include creating an efficient workplace environment for all associates, assist with internal and external communications GSC with the HQ Office, manage Accounts Payables, and manage monthly invoice statement distributions. Ms. Tucker maintains all GSC regulatory certifications, schedules GSC Management Team Meetings, and leads the Customer Service aspects of GSC. Tonnay assist in local, State of Georgia, and Federal bid process. Ms. Tucker participates in scheduling and recruiting new associates for GSC.





Mr. Walter Smith has an extensive background as a Project Manager. His list of accomplisments include managing projects for corporate giants such as Bank of America, Hewlett Packard, and large private firms. Walter has a penchant for surmising troubled situations and executing a problem solving plan resulting in a long term solution.  Mr. Smith experiences have availed him to travels thoughought the country with stops in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Birmingham, and most recently Atlanta. Walter manages several GSC Project Managers in the metro Atlanta and middle Georgia that lead the staff providing service at our prime clients facility locations. 


Good Success Company is pleased to have Walter Smith a part of the Management Team that is poised to propel the enterprise to the next level of growth in the Facility Management industry.





Cynthia Parks is the GSC South Georgia Regional Manager. Mrs. Parks provides leadership in all aspects of facility operations for customer facilities in the South Georgia geography. Included in her responsibilities are employee training, Quality Assurance, Equipment and Supplies inventory management, and monthly associate payroll reports.
Mrs. Parks benefits from several years of management experience prior to joining Good Success Company, including Sowega Council on Aging, Dollar General Stores, and Swan Laundry & Cleaners Services. This wide array of customer services experiences allows her to participate in GSC new account Sales and Marketing. She also provides leadership in Special Projects and new account startups. Now Mrs. Parks leads several District Managers and Project Managers in the fastest growing region in Good Success Company.






Fredrick Johnson Jr. is the Good Success Company North Georgia District Manager. His value is most evident in the Facilities Services sector because of his construction background. Also, Frederick’s University of Georgia Business degree and IT Training is valuable as GSC pursuit of new business because of the computerized bid portals and processes. Frederick has shown his people skills often lead GSC to enhanced extensions for existing business and is helpful when new associates are need for new client contracts. Included in Mr. Johnson’s responsibilities are employee training, Quality Assurance, Equipment and Supplies inventory management, and training GSC new Project Managers and staff are essential to our continued progress



Gregory Kemp has agreed to assume the position of North Georgia Facility Services Manager in Good Success Company, Inc. Greg's duties will include managing all GSC North Region Accounts floor maintenance schedules, applications,  and inspections.  Mr. Kemp will also maintain all GSC Equipment Inventory and equipment repairs and maintenance. He will work closely with the Northeast Georgia and Northwest Georgia District Managers as an Emergency Backup Manager and participate as a GSC Management Team Member for analyzing and creating new contract bids.


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