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 About Us

GOOD SUCCESS COMPANIES  worldwide headquarters is located in Atlanta. Georgia. GSC combines over 55 years of experience.  Founded by Kenneth R Davis in 2000, GSC has evolved into a corporate concern operating multiple companies emphasizing janitorial services in the Facility Management industry serving commercial, governmental, and industrial clients.

GOOD SUCCESS COMPANY, Inc. (dba: GSC Facility  Services) offers Janitorial services in the Governmental, Commercial and Industrial sectors. The clients include Retail and Banking, Education at K-I2 School systems. and Colleges and Universities. Also Health Care facilities, Transportation, industrial Plants, and commercial facilities and government facilities of all types. GSC also provides property management for office, residential, and multi-family properties.

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Good Success Company  

provides two service packages: 


GSC Basic Services Package includes: 

  • Janitorial Services 

  • Housekeeping Services 

   GSC Full- Service Package Includes: 

  • HVAC Maintenance 

  • Facility Support Services 

  • Electrical Maintenance 

  • Life Safety System 

  • Plumbing 

  • Landscape Services 

  • Janitorial Services 

  • Housekeeping Services 

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